Axalta ViterPrime QD Matt Primer

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A single pack Modified Anti-Corrosive Matt Primer for the ACE markets.

Quick air-drying.

Good corrosion resistance.

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Viterprime QD Matt Primer is a quick drying, high build modified alkyd primer.

Suitable for agricultural and earth moving equipment.

Good corrosion resistance.

Suitable for application by conventional and airless spray. 

Surfaces to be coated must be clean, dry and free from any material such as oil, grease, salts and dirt that might affect adhesion.
Remove loose flaking or friable material. 
Where necessary, remove weld spatter and grind smooth all rough,sharp edges and weld seams.

Galvanised steel
Thoroughly degrease with Cleaner Degreaser (Product Reference H30 or ND14) and lightly abrade any very shiny areas. 

Mild Steel 
Degrease with a Cleaner Degreaser (Product Reference H30 or ND14) and either manually abrade or blast clean to Sa2½ (ISO 8501-1:2007)
If blast cleaning is not possible, phosphating is recommended for cold rolled steel to improve adhesion.

Phosphate Steel 
Degrease with Cleaner Degreaser (Product Reference H30 or ND14) and manually abrade prior to application of the Primer Coat

Stainless Steel
Degrease with Cleaner Degreaser (Product Reference H30 or ND14) and manually abrade. 

Aluminium and Alloys
Degrease with Cleaner Degreaser (Product Reference H30 or ND14) and manually abrade. 

The temperature of the ambient air, surface or paint should not fall below 5ºC during application or drying.

Application Conditions
Relative humidity should not exceed 80%. 
The surface temperature of the steel should remain at least 3ºC above the dew point.
Cold damp conditions will impair drying times and the final finish.

Recommended Finish Coats
Overcoat with single pack topcoats

Recommended Thinners 
1006 Thinners

Coverage Rates
Recommended Film weight:Minimum WFT 100µm Maximum 125µm
Theoretical coverage rate: 8-10.0m² per litre

Application Methods
Viterprime QD Matt Primer can be applied by the following methods.

Airless Spray: Yes
Conventional Spray: No
Brush: Yes 
Roller: Yes

Application Guidance 
Airless Spray
Output fluid pressure at tip 2500-3500psi, 
Tip Size 11-13 thou 
Thinning with 1006 (Note thinning will reduce the film weight)

Brush / Roller 
Recommended for small areas and touch up. Thin as appropriate to achieve a smooth film flow.

Please note: application by brush and roller will result in a reduced film thickness and is recommended only for small areas of touch up /remedial work

Drying times at a WFT at 125µm and 23ºC 
Dust Dry: 1h 
Recoatable: before 4h and after 24h 
Hard Dry: overnight

Cleaning Tools and Equipment
Clean equipment with 1006 Thinner after use

% Volume Solids : 40%
VOC content : 500-520g/litre

Safe use
This product is formulated for professional use. 
Please ensure suitable and appropriate personal protective equipment is worn during handling and application.

For more detail please consult the Product Datasheet.
Please contact us for the Health and Safety Datasheet.


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