Nullifire TS816 Single Pack Waterbased Acrylic Topseal

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Nullifire TS816

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Nullifire TS816 is a low odour, waterborne Eggshell finish, Acrylic Topseal for Nullifire single pack Intumescent Basecoats. It is used for Interior applications only and is highly durable, chip and abrasion resistant.The product is easy to apply by spray and has excellent flow to provide a smooth, easy to clean finish.

Nullifire TS816 is available in White and a number of RAL colours.

Surface Preparation
Ensure the Nullifire Basecoat surface is clean, undamaged, dry, and free from grease or other materials that may affect adhesion.

Application Conditions
Ensure air and steel temperatures are above 5°C and below 25°C.
Relative humidity should be below 80% with 65% being ideal for drying.

Ensure the surface is dry and free from contact with rain or condensation during application.

Nullifire TS816 is supplied ready for use. Do not thin.

Airless spray equipment is recommended. Typical equipment settings would be:
Operating Pressure: 2000 - 2200 psi
Tip Size: 13 – 15 thou
Fan angle 400

Nullifire TS816 can be applied up to a maximum wet film thickness (WFT) of 125µm in a single spray coat.
Although a single coat is usually sufficient, some colours may require a second coat to achieve full opacity.
Theoretical coverage rate 8-10 m2 / litre

Brush and Roller application
During application, measure the wet film thickness (WFT) frequently with a WFT gauge to ensure the correct thickness.

Drying Times
Drying time will be dependent upon temperature, air movement, humidity, method of application and the thickness of the coating.
Touch Dry - 2-4 hours at 20° C
Hard Dry - 4 hours at 20° C
Recoat - 12 hours at 20° C

High humidity and low air movement or low surface temperatures can result in condensation, prolonging drying times and possibly poor topseal adhesion.

Cleaning of Equipment.
Pump, mixer and hose should be cleaned with water 
Brushes / rollers clean with water

Please observe the Safety Data information and for any questions please do not hesitate to call us.

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