A Home with a Thousand Stories

Goodbye, minimalism! Welcome, the festive atmosphere of days gone by! Let’s be thrilled by their lavishness and join a fascinating play of imagination. This world is brimming with exquisite, hand-made items, silk and shimmering velvet, metallic sheen and rich colours – everything that makes a home beautiful and lively and look just the way you want it.


Feelings Chip No. 46




Love Peace, Love Blue

True and always so wonderful: blue is embracing and soothing and helps to freshen your mind. The strong union of blues and natural materials charms with its beauty and never lets you down. Ombré surfaces add life to different shades of blue, creating a lovely, hazy atmosphere. Decorate your home with peaceful, pure, authentic blue. Add a hint of bright orange and voilà – that’s all you need for a fresh and timeless look.

Feelings Chip No. 47


Dreaming of a Distant Summer

Colours of water and sun-kissed lemon – what an irresistible combination! It brings back memories of summer: cliffs sparkling in the sunlight, a friendly spot on a jetty and a woven picnic basket by turquoise water. Just think that now you can rekindle that carefree, peaceful atmosphere in your own home! With the right shades, bold strokes and a big heart, anything is possible.


Feelings Chip No. 48




A Green Oasis of Joy

Lively and vibrant green radiates with energy and invites happiness to stay. How would you begin a day in your very own bright green oasis? Sitting on the sofa, enjoying peace of mind and a steaming hot cup of tea, it’s easy to focus on what’s important – and understand that this is the day when everything is possible.


Feelings Chip No. 49



Dancing with the Sun

What is sophisticated atmosphere made of? Strong savannah yellow, sincere linen, softly shimmering velvet and the light playing on beautifully worn golden walls. That’s what sophisticated atmosphere is made of.


Feelings Chip No. 50



The Waltz of Black Roses

Lovers of shabby chic know how to breathe new life into old laces and pastel colours. In their homes, soft powder shades are punctuated with surprising friends: black and pure turquoise. Old laces are reborn as stencils. In the midst of black roses, life is a broken waltz and every day is a new adventure.


Feelings Chip No. 51



Love for Times Gone By

Pure and genuine natural materials, serene earthy shades, hand-made look and unique objects that can tell stories. Simple and honest elements create spaces with relaxed, harmonious atmosphere. This characterful home is a place where old and new unite in harmony, with unique, hand-made items adding just the right measure of unpredictability.


Feelings Chip No. 52 


Charming Grey Makes Room for Living

Start playing with classic grey and pair it with elegantly ethnic items. Different materials and inspirations from somewhere far away add excitement to timeless grey and create deep, interesting spaces. Carefully considered details in just the right places bring zen to a colour scheme that consists of just a few tones and help to transform a plain space into something special. So feng shui!


Feelings Chip No. 53 



Fall in Love with Fascinating Copper

Copper is easy to fall in love with – it is so good at warming up a space and creating a mysterious ambience. Copper knows it: imagination knows no boundaries. Its touch lights up anything – a dark room, objects that have lost their lustre – and helps to create surprising details. Add a splatter of Taika Pearl Paint Copper to a wall and apply it freely to everyday items around you. It’s an easy way to create a dramatic mood straight out of a modern-day Thousand and One Nights story.

Feelings Chip No. 54



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