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For every project requirement or specification, Holman Specialist Paints can find your coatings solution.

For over 30 years we have supplied all types of paints and coatings to the building and construction trades, architectural industries, and manufacturing throughout the UK and Internationally. We have built our broad base of expertise and knowledge in specifying, supplying, and meeting the precise needs of all our clients.

That’s why we have our industry-leading reputation as THE coatings specialist.

We have an expansive range of paints and coatings suitable for a virtually any surface. Every one of products recommended to our customers are sourced from only the highest quality manufacturers across Europe, and all are recognised as leaders in their fields. Find out more about our specially selected range of coatings manufacturers.

Helpful Guidance from Planning, to Preparation to Application

For every stage of your project, Holman Specialist Paints can be on-hand to provide you with helpful and knowledgeable guidance.

No question is too big or too complicated for our experienced sales team, who will dedicate time and resource to finding the best coating solution for you. We take pride in always giving the highest quality advice, guidance and service to all of our customers and for every one of their projects from start to finish.

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Request a Bespoke Specification Do you have a project but are a bit unsure of where to start? Or do you require a coatings specification for building regulations or contractors? Let Holman Specialist Paints create your bespoke coatings specification. Request your Bespoke Coatings Specification Today If you’d like us to put together a specification we’ll need some key information from you, to give us a good starting point. When putting together a specification, we might ask for the following: - Where are you painting? (interior/exterior/both) - What surfaces are you looking to paint? Is there a specific material types? (wood/uPCV/masonry/glass/metal/etc) Different surfaces and materials have different coatings requirements. Some surfaces require specific adhesion primers, or exact coating systems. If you’re painting wood, masonry or metal, if you can, let us know the type of material. I.E. Is your wood oak or pine, etc? Or is the metal surface galvanised steel? - Preferred finish or colour? (Matt/semi-matt/gloss/etc) Many of our products come in various sheen levels and can be tinted to any colour from any colour card. We have an unrivalled colour matching service, so we can create the perfect shade for your project. - Estimated Area Size We don’t want you to end up with far too much paint – or run out of paint half way through a job! So, the estimated size and area of your project will be useful to help us calculate the right quantity of paint that you’ll require. - Any notes on current condition of the surface? Perhaps your exterior timber has an existing coating that is flaking/peeling off? Or are there cracks in your masonry render? Let us know about these conditions as we can put together a full specification including preparation, filling and priming your surface to ensure the best and most long-lasting results. - Preferred application method (brush/spray/roller) This isn’t an exact requirement – but it helps us to understand how you’ll be applying the product and to ensure it is suitable to your needs, requirements and ability. We work with customers from all industries and experience and will make sure the coating is suitable for your requirements. When it comes to recommending a product, coatings system or specification, at Holman Specialist Paints we’re very specific to ensure we’re finding only the best solution. The more information you can provide, the better our solution to your query. Email your project requirements to with the above information (or as much information as you can provide) to receive your bespoke coatings specification. Discover More from the HSP Group To help you find your coating solution, we’ve created dedicated online websites and digital resources to help you to find your specific coating requirements. Holman Paints: Go to for a wide range of high-quality decorative and protective coatings for many applications. HSP Fire Protection: Provides a range of fire retardant coatings and components all approved to UK and European standards. Ensure both lives and property are protected from fire at HSP Joinery: Chip and abrasion resistant paints and stains for the joinery, furniture, shop-fitting, and cabinetry making industries. To find out more, go to HSP Industrial: High-quality and durable industrial and maintenance coatings for the most demanding of applications. Visit HSP Exterior Paints: Dependable and long-lasting preparation, filling and coating solutions for all type of exterior masonry and woodwork available from


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