Flying Colours for the Vulcan

Avro Vulcan XM655 was third from last of the Vulcan bombers produced for the Royal Air Force, being delivered in late 1964, and was part of the UK's nuclear deterrent force throughout the 1960s and 1970s. It is now looked after by 655 Maintenance and Preservation Society (655MaPS) which is a volunteer organisation of Vulcan enthusiasts.

XM655 is one of the few Vulcans remaining in ground running condition, the only one with the most powerful of the engine variants (Bristol Olympus 301s) and 655MaPS aim to keep it running for as long as possible. The aircraft systems are powered up and exercised regularly, engine ground runs are carried out several times every year, and a "Fast Taxi" event is carried out every summer to show off the aircraft and raise funds to support its preservation.

To keep this masterpiece of engineering in top condition the team uses a combination of our HSP High Performance Rapid Dry Enamels and Primers for all the surfaces inside and out. All the paints are shade matched exactly to maintain the authenticity of the Vulcan in its operational colours.

The aircraft is based at the Wellesbourne Airfield in Warwickshire. For more information about their work please visit