Hammersmith Bridge

A crucial factor in the choice of any protective system is: what stresses must the coating withstand during its service life? These stresses include not just mechanical wear and normal environmental attack, but also factors such as the degree of chemical and UV exposure, and expansion and contraction characteristics due to heat and cold. Different coating systems and dry film thicknesses will respond differently to these various stress factors, and everything must be considered within the overall project budget.

When the Bridge owners needed to find a system to provide a new coating system, they turned to for Tikkurila for advice.

Tikkurila Coatings’ expertise helped to determine exactly the right paint system that gives maximum protection for best cost.

Surface tolerant epoxies have the ability to penetrate rust and adhere to the underlying steel surface, effectively preventing further corrosion. Surface tolerant epoxy is the first choice especially for surfaces where the complete removal of rust by blast cleaning is impracticable.

The products used were;
Tikkurila Temabond ST 2002 x 100 µm, Temabond ST 4001 x 100 µm and Temathane PLV1 x 50 µm
Temabond a surface tolerant epoxy functioned as a protective shield against moisture and oxygen, preventing their corrosive effect on steel. Furthermore, a layer of interlaced flakes of e.g. micaceous iron oxide or aluminium multiplies the distance across which corrosive molecules must migrate in order to reach the steel surface. Temathane provided the final finish being able to maintain its colour and gloss level for a very long time.